Ed Sheeran Marries His Childhood Sweetheart On A Low-key

The superstar singer Ed Sheeran, hosted the ceremony at his country estate in Suffolk just before Christmas, despite having his plans to build a wedding chapel on site rejected.

A source close to the singer revealed: “Ed got married a few days before Christmas. It was very quiet — just Ed’s oldest school pals, limited family and the priest.

“There were only 40 people — so no Taylor Swift, record company executives or any royals or pop star pals. He wanted no fuss, and he wanted it to be something entirely for them — just a tiny, winter wedding.

Full version of article “It’s amazing that he’s the biggest pop star in the world, but he was just able to quietly slide off and wed. “Neither of them were that fussed about making a big deal about it.

Cherry just wanted to get it out of the way without any problems or intrusions.” Ed, 28, and hockey player Cherry, 26, who previously starred in England’s under-21 team, are planning a wedding party in the summer for their famous pals and work friends who did not know about the wedding.

The source added: “Ed and Cherry are planning a festival-style party for a wider list to happen at the end of the summer.

“That will be all singing and dancing, and they’ll be able to invite Taylor and their record company colleagues and royal friends.” Ed had been wearing an engagement ring made by Cherry out of silver clay since popping the question in December 2017 to avoid anyone knowing when he was hitched.

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