Lady narrates what she did to her boyfriend after she caught him with his “bestie”

A lady identified as Olamide has narrated what she did to her boyfriend after she suspected that he’s cheating on her with his “bestie”.

She said she visited him unannounced and found him with another lady who he claimed was his “bestie”. She quickly made for the wardrobe and took back all the stuffs she got him on Valentine’s day.

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In her words;

Today I visited my boyfriend unannounced trying to surprise him and have fun. That was how I met him with a lady he claimed was his bestie. How? You’ve never mentioned this lady to me before so how come you suddenly have a bestie. He began to stammer and wanting to explain what I probably think is going to be a lie. What I did was to go straight into his wardrobe, took the shirts, wristwatch and shoe that I got him on Valentine’s day.


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