See the recent photos of the blind boy Singer, Flavour Adopted 3 years ago (Photos)

The story of a young Liberian blind boy who has been an inspiration  and lesson to many who has given up on life due to one reason or the other.

Meet Semah G Weifur, the blind Liberian boy adopted by Flavour.

Flavour said that what attracted him was the fact that this young boy had an angelic voice without studio auto tune when he listened to him, the boy sang his own song even better than he did.

Flavour met this young boy back in early 2017 and decided to bring him to Nigeria, so he can help push his career in music.

As usual, Flavour kept his words and barely 3 months later, the duo had their first single titled most high, a Christian gospel music ranked the number one in the whole of Nigeria weeks after its release.

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Flavour didn’ t give up on him and since then, they have recorded up to 8 gospel songs together.

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