Silhoutte Challenge: See how to do yours on Tiktok

Every day, it seems like these TikTok challenges get more and more … challenging, but thanks to this user-friendly tutorial, the viral Silhouette Challenge is a little less difficult. is here to make things easy for you. Follow the steps below to create yours.

1) First find a doorway to pose in. If you don’t have one, any sultry backdrop will do.

2) Stand in front of the doorway, record the first part of the video including the final pose and save it to your camera roll. (This should be in normal lighting and wearing your clothes.)

3) Head to Snapchat and select the “Vin Rouge” filter.

4) Record a second video using the “Vin Rouge” filter. You’ll need to turn off all the lights apart from one in the room behind you and you should start where your last video ended in a silhouette position. Also, make sure you’re wearing tighter clothing to emphasis your shape. This is for the silhouette part of the video.

5) Open TikTok and add both saved videos to make one complete clip.

6) Add the sound making sure the transition lines up with the change to silhouette mode. You can use auto sync for this.

See video below


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