VIDEO: Don Coleone – Truth

Don Coleone - Truth Video

Don Coleone – Truth Video

Nigerian singer, Don Coleone premieres the visualizer for his recent song titled “Truth.”


Badman, Another one
The truth is bitter no one like it
But you gon hear this and hear it again
You can mark my face you gon see it again
Save my number you gon need me again
This is the song for the wise don’t worry about the melody
Everyday for the thief one day for the holy man
Independent from the white enslaved by my brother man oh yeye
How we gon free from sin brought down by religion
Everyone is fighting one battle or another
Nobody got time to be their brother keeper
The brother you wan keep wey dey tryna kill ya
Nobody wan talk true cos dem go call you preacher
From college we drop out
Musician scandal
Politician looter
The preacher slumber
And we sleeping in the matter
Everybody turn comedian
Flirting social media
Nobody wanna stand out
Tell me the truth about the preacher man, about the GO’s and about
the men deceiving ur fellow man, Oh nooo oo
You preach about miracles and healing, in the name of God
Your fellow man your fellow woman
Tell me now where
all preachers man their healing homes big auditorium
Corona virus done come e done turn ghost town now.
Now Dey don turn to medicals and science, show me your pastors
ghen ghen , hand don sanitizers Powerful pass anointing oil.. This
one no be Kam bia oo
So much divisions, so much hate
tribal sentiment and no more love
Now tell me now, Don Coleone get sauce me no preach
Don’t take it personal me just come teach
Open your inner mind open your soul
Share the love, we’ll need to build the hope
This is the picture, this is my life, this is the scripture this is my life,
let’s do it right