BBNaija Diana Edobor Biography And Net Worth


BBNaija Diana Edobor Biography And Net Worth
BBNaija Diana Edobor

Diana Isoken Edobor was born in 1989 and is an accomplished Nigerian project manager, beauty aficionado, and digital artist.

In the entertainment sector, she is known as Diana BBNaija. She has become one of the nation’s reality television stars.

BBNaija Diana Edobor is a reality TV star on the Level Up Edition season of Big Brother Naija’s seventh season.


BBNaija Diana Edobor Biography And Net Worth
BBNaija Diana Edobor
  • Full Name: Diana Isoken Edobor 
  • Born: 1989
  • Age:  33 years of age
  • Birthplace: Paris France
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Profession: Digital Designer, Reality TV Star


Early Years And Education

BBNaija Diana Edobor was born into the distinguished Edobor family in 1989. Her official title is Diana Isoken Edobor. She is from a large family with numerous siblings, cousins, and other relatives.

Diana Edobor is a native of Nigeria’s South-South area. She was born in the city of Benin, Edo State. She is a native of the state of Edo. Prior to going to Europe, she spent her formative years in the historic city of Benin. She relocated to France and has lived in Paris for a number of years.

BBNaija Diana Edobor originates from aChristian family that cherishes moral principles, which shaped her upbringing. She is a natural performer, endowed with singing, dancing, and acting skills. In high school, she performed in school plays and musicals and competed in talent contests.

In Benin City, BBNaija Diana attended prestigious private elementary and high schools for her education.

While residing in France, she pursued her higher studies. She is a graduate of a prestigious French institution of higher education.


BBNaija Diana Edobor Biography And Net Worth
BBNaija Diana Edobor

Naija Diana Edobor enrolled in management classes at the university and aspired to engage in the business field after graduation.

She landed a job as a project manager at a Paris-based company after graduating. She has managed both low-and high-budget projects over the course of her career at several organizations in France and Nigeria.

She has distinguished herself as a results-oriented professional, which has contributed to her ascent to the position of Senior Project Manager.

At the end of 2021, Diana Edobor decided to transition to the entertainment sector as a new professional objective.

She determined that being a reality TV star was the best way for her to achieve her entertainment business goals. In May 2022, she participated in the Big Brother Naija additions conducted in Nigeria.

BBNaija Diana Edobor won over thousands of Nigerians to become one of the 26 housemates chosen for the seventh season of Big Brother.

She was presented to millions of spectators on July 23, 2022, during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Diana Edobor is now competing to win the reality program and take home the 100 million naira top prize.

BBNaija Diana’s Social Media

BBNaija Diana Edobor Biography And Net Worth
BBNaija Diana Edobor

BBNaija Diana Edobor’s social media status has improved since she became a reality television star.

She has almost 37,300 Instagram followers.

BBNaija Diana Personal Life

Diana Edobor, a 33-year-old Nigerian woman, is stunningly beautiful. She has a fair complexion and is of average stature.

She holds a French permanent residency. She is multilingual and is fluent in English, French, the Bini dialect, and Pidgin English.

Several years ago, she relocated from France to Nigeria. She settled in the nation’s capital, Abuja, and has lived there ever since.

Diana Edobor, a prominent woman in the business field, resides in a prestigious area of Abuja and leads a very luxurious life.

BBNaija Diana Edobor is enthusiastic about personal growth. She is sociable and enjoys learning about foreign cultures and languages. She enjoys treating others with love, respect, and loyalty, just as she would wish to be treated herself.

She enjoys interacting with others and is devoted to her family. She is currently unattached. Diana Edobor is unmarried and childless.

Her male admirers have increased dramatically since she entered the Big Brother House. She also has many female admirers.

Net Worth

In Nigeria and France, Diana Edobor’s profession as a project manager has allowed her to prosper financially.

BBNaija Diana approximate net worth is $50,000.

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