BBNaija Modella Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Net Worth


BBNaija Modella Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Net Worth
BBNaija Modella

BBNaija Modella Gabriella Abimbola is a Nigerian actress, model, fashion stylist, fashion consultant, and entrepreneur. She was born on August 6, 1996. She is commonly referred to as  BBNaija Modella.


She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Lagos-based fashion styling company, Style Me Modella. She is also a successful YouTube lifestyle vlogger under the name Apet Modella TV.


After joining the Big Brother Naija reality TV show in July 2022, BBNaija Modella became a reality TV sensation.



BBNaija Modella Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Net Worth
BBNaija Modella
  • Full Name: Gabriella Modella Abimbola
  • Date of birth: August 8, 1996 (age 26)
  • State Of Origin: Osun State 
  • Nationality: Nigerian 
  • Husband • Spouse: Not Married Boyfriend  
  • Children: None 
  • Profession: Model • Reality TV Personality


Early Life

On August 8, 1996, Naija Modella was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Abimbola. Her mum is Mrs. Osasona Abimbola.


She was born and raised in the southwest Nigerian state of Ekiti. She is a Yoruba woman, originally from the Nigerian state of Osun. She is fluent in both Yoruba and English. 


Her parents raised her in the Christian religion. The older Abimbolas instilled in Modella a reverence for God and a passion for labor.


BBNaija Modella is from a five-member household. She is the first child of The Abimbola; she has three siblings, Felix Abimbola, Comfort Abimbola, and Tom Abimbola.


BBNaija’s Modella attended a prestigious private elementary school in her neighborhood.


She completed her secondary school education at the Federal Government Girls College, Ikole. She graduated from the institution after earning high marks on her SSCE.


Modela is a graduate of Akoko’s Adekunle Ajasin University. The college conferred a degree in History Education on her.



BB Naija Modella had a fondness for the fashion and beauty industries during her adolescence. This curiosity informed some of the college career decisions she made. 


She completed an apprenticeship to learn the skills of make-up. After weeks of training, she learned a lot and started a small business as a makeup artist on the university campus.


In a few months, her makeup business flourished rapidly due to referrals from pleased consumers. She started getting jobs every week and soon became one of the most in-demand make-up artists in the Akungba neighborhood.


Modella wanted to become a model while working as a make-up artist. She networked with fashion industry creatives, who assisted her in securing modeling jobs. 


By the time she graduated from university, she had modeled for numerous small brands in the Southwest. She participated in the Lagos Most Beautiful Girl Contest in 2018. Although she did not win the event, it paved the way for her to participate in more beauty queen competitions.


In 2019, BBNaija Modella decided to launch a cosmetics company, resulting in the establishment of Apet Cosmetics. The company operates a global online store that sells cosmetics, jewelry, and beauty products. She is the current CEO of the organization. In August of 2020, she expanded her business by releasing a skincare product called Skindella.


Modella is also a fashion consultant and stylist. She operates Style Me Modella, a Nigeria-based independent styling company. A versatile content provider, she operates the YouTube lifestyle channel Apet Modella TV.


She has also appeared in a few Nollywood films as an aspiring actor. In 2021, she starred in the Kayode Peters-produced film Crazy Grannies.


BBNaija Modella’s fame in the entertainment industry surged after she became a housemate in the seventh season of Big Brother Naija. She was presented on July 31, 2022, and would compete for the grand prize of one hundred million naira.


Personal Life

BBNaija Modella is a lovely lady. She has an alluring, thin figure and fair skin. She has many admirers, both male and female.


In 2021, she spent her holiday time in the United Arab Emirates. She participated in her National Youth Service Corps program in the state of Lagos.


Modella is currently unattached. She is unmarried and childless. She spends her time while she is not working with her family. She greatly adores her family members. She lost her father while still a child.


Social Media

BBNaija Modella is one of the most prominent social media influencers in Nigeria’s Southwest.

She has almost 32,900 Instagram followers.



Net Worth

BBNaija Modella lives in a furnished service flat in a nice neighborhood on Victoria Island.

As a result of her fashion business and modeling career, Modella is accumulating a fortune as a result.

The estimated net worth of BBNaija Modella is $60,000.

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