Article Marketing: Making It Interesting


When it comes to producing articles for your article marketing campaign, you may find yourself staring at a flashing cursor on the screen while you decide what to write. Here are some tips to help you to write like an employee of an assignment help service. You’ll find out how to keep it structured, interesting, and relevant to your business.

What To Write About

Think about the questions that your customers ask you most regularly. There will be a number of issues that crop up time and time again. Also, you can ask your customers what they would like more information on, and what is most relevant to them. If you’ve got a strong viewpoint on something to do with your industry, or there have been important developments that have made mainstream news recently, don’t be afraid to comment on them.


If you’re new to writing articles, it can be helpful to structure the information you intend to write about before you embark on the actual article itself. Your first paragraph should introduce what it is you’re going to talk about, followed by the points you’re making, then rounded off with a final paragraph in conclusion and (most importantly) the link to your website, your name, and company details.

The Competition

Look at what your competitors are doing. Do they post a lot of information online that people can access for free? If so, there probably isn’t going to be mileage in providing exactly the same information.

How can you make your viewpoint different from theirs?

If there’s something that they do that you disagree with, say so – but be prepared to explain why. One of the key components to using article marketing success is to make your information better, or different from, the stuff that’s already out there. Don’t though give away your trade secrets – remember that anyone can access the information you put on the internet, and that includes your competitors.

Don’ts With Articles

The trick with article writing is to ensure that what you are writing is of value to the reader. If your article begins to sound like a brochure or advertisement, it’s too sales-oriented and is unlikely to hold a reader’s attention for long.

One of the best exercises you can do is to ask yourself whether your customer or someone who could become a potential customer would be pleased to read your article, what they would think of your business once they’d read it, and whether it holds their attention from beginning to end. If you can answer yes to all of these, you’ll have an engaging, high-quality article that you can be proud of.

Now  You’re The Expert

Well, when your article marketing campaign is established you are the expert in your field, and let’s start do wonder for SEO. Done badly, you can spend a lot of time writing and posting content that no one’s going to read, or worse if your content is poor and with grammatical mistakes. It can damage your brand’s reputation.

Similarly, if your content has been stuffed full of keywords so that it is of little to no use to anyone, this isn’t likely to do your business any favors either.

Overcome Writer’s Block

Article Marketing Writers BlockLet’s face it, even professional writers find it difficult to sit down and write, but before you decide that you hate writing or don’t have the time to write a proper set of articles let’s look at the benefits of marketing in this way.

A good set of well-written, correctly categorized articles can enhance your business’s reputation no end. Coupled with this, and with determination and persistence, you can become an established and well-respected expert in your particular field. When a potential customer needs your service, are they more likely to go to the person they’ve heard of and who’s already given them free and reliable information, or someone they’ve never heard of?

Think Like An Expert

Of course, being an expert comes with its own responsibilities. You’re not only projecting your viewpoint on the world, but you also have to be prepared for the fact that other experts can and will disagree with you.

The trick here is not to shout them down, discredit them, or insist on having the last word. It’s far better to accept that not everyone will agree with you or your viewpoint. However, always ensure that what you do write, you write with conviction – and your expertise will shine through.

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