Daddy Freeze and follower fight dirty over Coronavirus vaccine

Daddy Freeze and  a follower have exchanged words on social media over the coronavirus vaccine.

It all started after freeze took to his Instagram page to berate Nigerians who have made up their minds not to take the vaccine.

He said

Don’t let conspiracy theorists finger your brain. According to statistics, you are more likely to die from not taking the vaccine than taking it

Without the vaccine, you can catch and spread the virus… Don’t be a mooncalf, vaccines save more lives annually than religion does.

Bill Gates almost single handedly eradicated polio in Africa through vaccine technology, while conspiracy theorists sat on their dumb jobless asses talking balls.

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The follower who disagreed with him then wrote;

Sir! With no disrespect at all, have you taken yours?

Angered by his comment, Freeze replied cussing him out and calling him names;

no need to respect me, I don’t rate the respect of cud chewing, bovine halfwits.

I reside in Lagos Nigeria as you are aware, is the vaccine here yet?

Your vacuous head is so empty and so high up in the clouds that you would need to erect scaffolding to enable them insert some sense into it. ~ FRZ”

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