Read What Nollywood Actor, Odunlade Adekola Has to Say About His Imperfect Marriage

Nigerian actor, Odunlade Omo Adekola has opened up on his imperfect marriage.

The Yoruba actor, Odunlade is married to Ruth Adekola and blessed with children,

According to him, in a recent chat with City people, when asked how he has been able to manage your fame and marriage together,

He said;

“I can’t really say much about that because we have different background and home training and also in the industry, so I will still say it is the power of God because nobody is perfect and we all have our shortcomings and there is no perfect marriage anywhere, so we only work extra to make everything perfect.

Every marriage definitely has its own ups and downs, so it is understanding and patients that make everything work. Nobody has supernatural power. It is just the power of God that leads us right.”

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